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Welcome To California Oriya Community

Dear Advertiser:

You can help us sustain our calnet website on a paid server by advertising with us for only $35 a year. The banners will be displayed in a fair share manner so that each advertiser gets equal chance to display his banner. The income from advertisements will be utilized to meet the expenses for hosting/maintenance of the Calnet website. All remaining balance will be contributed to the California Oriya Community general fund for future events organizations and community equipment purchases. This is another way of helping your own community.

All donors will have their rotating Advertisement banner at the bottom of the page if they choose to. The banner can be of their company, personal site, hospital, clinics etc.

You can create a banner for free from this web site http://www.web-animator.com/ or you can send us 2-4 lines of your ad and we can create one for you.

For more information, please contact us admin@mycalnet.org

Thank you for advertising with us

Calnet Admin Group


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